Sound Proof Flooring

I have a company helping with flooring

I have a new studio being built int he back yard of my property. The studio is for lessons for musical students. I have a Bucks County Carpet store giving me an estimate for an insulated cork flooring. I think the appearance and the function of the flooring is a big deal.

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Learning from YouTube

I am currently watching this video on the common chord progression.  It’s about the 7 chords I need to know. I have just started and it seem okay.  I will proactive this a bit and see what I think.  If it ends up being worth it then I will give you the unbiased recommendation.  other wise I would leave it alone. I will be promoting sponsors as I said in the last post and I have picked up another.  This one is a Carpet Company in Bucks County.  They area  Bucks County Carpet Store.  They install custom designs and every type of flooring you can imagine.  Definitely a must call company!

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Guitar Playing Sponsors…This is how things work

Playing Pentatonic Guitar and How we are moving Forward

I have been learning the guitar and the Pentatonic scale is just one thing I have been practicing.  Like learning anything else it takes time to develop.  Without constant practice we will never improve.  In order for us to move forward with our lessons, we need to push forward and keep repetition.  I have taken on a few sponsors for our site here and as promised I will promote them throughout the blog. Recently I have taken McClainBros. Plumbing on and yes I do receive a little kick back.  That is the way of the world and it will not affect the blog moving forward. As Philadelphia Plumbers, they provide services throughout Philly and the surrounding area’s.  The perform a range of services from Toilet unclogging, drain cleaning, fixing leaky pipes to complete bathroom remodeling. Family owned and definitely should call them first.

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Major and Minor Scales on Guitar

Learning Guitar’s Major Minor Scale

Figuring out the guitar can take time and may cause frustration. One thing you need to do is practice alot and learn from the pros. Learning the chords is tough and but once you have the basic 7 you are well on your way.

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