Sound Proof Flooring

I have a company helping with flooring

I have a new studio being built int he back yard of my property. The studio is for lessons for musical students. I have a Bucks County Carpet store giving me an estimate for an insulated cork flooring. I think the appearance and the function of the flooring is a big deal.

Having an artistic side, as I am a Musician, I don’t just want a functional floor but I want a good looking styled floor. I want the students to feel they are in a top notch studio. I really want to let the creative juices flow when they ever the room. I do have a nice neighbor hood and I do not want to cause any problems with the neighbors. I respect their privacy an the quiet as well.

I think the sound proofing will work well and then I will have the flooring guys come out and tell me where the best opportunity for styling is. I guess I have a choice of color as well and the studio is red and black. I want the studio to have an urban feel but I need it to be dynamic. I want to be able to go with the flow. Music is very transcending. If anything, I just want 2 things.

I need the studio to be quiet enough that know one on the outside can hear a peep. and second, I need the studio to look the part. I can get by with almost everything else but I nee the Olden carpet and Flooring company to get the flooring right. I will have a say but in the end I need choices. If I am stuck with one type or style of flooring, I fear it will ruin the vibe. I can deal with a lot but not a killed vibe.

Author: Gary Murdock

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