Major and Minor Scales on Guitar

Learning Guitar’s Major Minor Scale

Figuring out the guitar can take time and may cause frustration. One thing you need to do is practice alot and learn from the pros. Learning the chords is tough and but once you have the basic 7 you are well on your way.

I would recommend the following video to learn the difference  the Major and minor chords for B major, C minor and D. Learning from Marty Schwartz is very easy and educational as he explains the differences that will trip you up.

So Marty goes out of his way to explain the relative major and minor scales. He states that we should also know our roots well in order to play the relative major and minor scales.

His approach is simple and easy to implement.  Taking action and actually practicing will lead you to the sweet sound that you hear  flowing from his guitar. Getting to the level of guitar playing that Marty is at will definitely take you time and cause a lot of heart ache, but this is absolutely doable. Practice the progression as he instructs and get fluent at the finger mobility and you’ll be playing as smooth. get to know the relative minors and change the tone of the progression and you’ll play smother.

Play the relative minor by knowing the relative major. Use this great finger placement in the video to get from one major to the minor.

I hope this helps?


Author: Gary Murdock

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