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I am currently watching this video on the common chord progression.  It’s about the 7 chords I need to know. I have just started and it seem okay.  I will proactive this a bit and see what I think.  If it ends up being worth it then I will give you the unbiased recommendation.  other wise I would leave it alone. I will be promoting sponsors as I said in the last post and I have picked up another.  This one is a Carpet Company in Bucks County.  They area  Bucks County Carpet Store.  They install custom designs and every type of flooring you can imagine.  Definitely a must call company!


Keeping is fresh with these new instructions I am getting is nice.  So what is my plan?  I plan on testing each video a few weeks with practice.  I want to give every possible chance to learn from this stuff.  I have become the kind of person to keep things simple.  I figure if I practice accordingly and give anything sufficient time, then it should work.

My experience with practicing anything is that if it’s not interesting then I will not keep going with it.  The means that anything I recommend will be interactive and fun.  I have a short attention span and I need to keep entertained.  The video cannot be impossible either.  I hate when you get into a training session and the material is too difficult to understand.  I think this will benefit everyone.  No one likes the mundane and the boring stuff in life is just that – boring!

Anyway, this one looks promising but truth is I have not really gotten into it. Here it is below, so let me know.

94 floor Olden carpet and flooring

Author: Gary Murdock

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