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Playing Pentatonic Guitar and How we are moving Forward

I have been learning the guitar and the Pentatonic scale is just one thing I have been practicing.  Like learning anything else it takes time to develop.  Without constant practice we will never improve.  In order for us to move forward with our lessons, we need to push forward and keep repetition.  I have taken on a few sponsors for our site here and as promised I will promote them throughout the blog. Recently I have taken McClainBros. Plumbing on and yes I do receive a little kick back.  That is the way of the world and it will not affect the blog moving forward. As Philadelphia Plumbers, they provide services throughout Philly and the surrounding area’s.  The perform a range of services from Toilet unclogging, drain cleaning, fixing leaky pipes to complete bathroom remodeling. Family owned and definitely should call them first.

Now back to the regular scheduled program.

I have struggled lately with getting the practice in. The best thing though is that my numbness in the fingers is something I am getting used to.  I am an instant gratification kinda guy though and I am looking for a quick learn set. I have heard many others say that all you need to know is seven chords and your solid.  Well…that’s what I am going to try and do. Learn the best 7 chords and see what I can play.  I figure this has to bump my enthusiasm and keep me motivated.

Moving forward, there are many things that I can do to try this technique.  I think I will try the Youtube channels first and see what they have to offer. I think getting the most from a free source is always best. However, I am never adverse to trying anything new.  I will attempt this technique and keep you informed on what I find and the progress I am making.  I will try to tally the video’s that I feel are the best for learning.

Anyway, thank you for staying with me and I hope you enjoy.

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Author: Gary Murdock

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